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We offer free delivery to areas that fall within a 40 mile radius of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Areas that are outside of this area will be subject to a mileage/delivery charge. Please enquire for more details on prices.

We request that we are made aware of the convenient times to set up and remove the booth in accordance with the venue operator.

If there is any venue or location changes we ask to be informed at the earliest possible convenience.

We will setup 1 hour before start time and take down straight after booking time. if you require the booth to stay up or to be setup early, this will be a charge of £25 per hour.

On the day of the event we will not be able to change the time of the booking , i.e if the venue is running behind and we are unable to set up and start on time, this will not mean that the time changes to accommodate the amount of hours booked. So please when booking take your start time into consideration.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that we are able to have appropriate access to the venue, if we are declined access, no refund will be provided.

We require 13amp uk socket at the venue to operate within 5 metres of the booth site to power the booth and the equipment.

It's the customers responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient room at the venue for the booth and for the booth to be set up on a flat level surface, the dimension of the booth are on the page about booth.

Bookings requires a £50 booking fee and balances must be paid in full 14 days before the event. If full payment is not received 14 days before we will offer the date out. 

After booking form is submitted we require the booking fee to be paid within 24 hours, after 24 hours the date will become available again.

Our prints can be either black and white or colour, they are 6" x 4"  or 2" x 6" x2 in size.

Props are supplied for all bookings, we ask for the props to be respected.

All children must be supervised by an appropriate adult.

Our booth operators reserve the right to refuse the use of our equipment at an event if our property or staff safety is likely to be endangered. If we feel endangered we reserve the right to terminate the hire of the booth early in the interest of our safety will be considered with no refunds.

The Customer shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to the provider's equipment caused by Theft, Fire, Flood or Accidental Damage.

If for any reason printed photographs cannot be provided on site at the time of the event, the provider will place the photographs on a USB device and reprint any unprinted photographs at a later date free of charge.

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