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Spectacular Moment Discos are experienced & professional DJ's with up to date equipment. We provide a whole range of music, dating from early 60's to the present day.

We feel the main part of a good business is reputation, reputation is built on 100% reliability, quality service and good customer care. This is what we aim to deliver every time.

Spectacular Moment Discos Peterborough  have a freestyle approach to your occasion looking to achieve what the customer wants every time. We are happy to play to any set play list. We will adapt to your playlist to meet your party needs.

However we do have a huge range of music in our collection, so if you do have a play list, just let us know what type of music you would like.

We have a lovely white and black setup to choose from.

If you require any more info please contact us. The cost for the disco starts from £250.

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